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"Thank you so much for producing the Saints Alive series as seen on EWTN. I love it and it has helped my faith... It has truly been a blessing for me. Thank you again."

- Kevin Burns, Massachusetts

"God bless you for your new series Saints Alive. I have watched almost all of the ones that have been aired on EWTN. They are all very beautiful and profound. Truly, you have captured the essence of all these saint's teachings and lives. St. John Vianney's presentation brought tears to my eyes. This series would be great to show to teenage youth groups at the parish level so follow up on their thoughts would help their group leaders determine where each teen needs help in their faith formation. The actors are superb; they certainly have captured the essence of each of these saints. Please pass along my gratitude to each of these actors."
- Mary Anne Morris (via

"I just viewed the production filmed at the Basilica in Waterbury on Ewtn. The Saint from Ars was divine! I so enjoyed hearing him speak. His words were so beautiful and full of life. I live in Rhode Island but I grew up and I was educated in the greater Waterbury area. So you can understand my delight in seeing the production on EWTN this morning. I want to thank you for your work on this important project and the work you are doing through Arcadia. God Bless you Always,"

- Lisa Lannan, Rhode Island

"this kind of series... should be offered in many languages... subtitles is enough... we could work this kind of material with the people in church... "

- Leandro Caprioti Manso (via Facebook)

"I see Jesus in each episode."

- Lisa Kerrigan (via Facebook)

"Every week gets better."

- Patricia Pryor (via Facebook)

"I have to say the opening intro to each show - with all the Saints has been very moving. I sit there with my mouth totally agape and just thankful for the entire production."

- Leslie Wolfgang (via Facebook)

"The one on St Augustine (touched my heart the most). I thought the acting was superb and the message timeless: seek not to understand in order to believe, but seek to believe in order to understand!"

- Zach Shaw (via Facebook)

"I have been most impressed with the new series on the saints that you and your father have produced. They are really very good and most pleasant to watch."

- Fr. Jeffrey King, Ottawa, Ontario

"This series is the best I have ever seen, expressing the truth, beauty and faith of our beloved saints.. it is so well done and has me completely captivated and utterly inspired. You have really captured the true essence of sainthood and how we can all aspire to sainthood ourselves."

- Mr. Michael Keil (via youtube)

"Your series "Saints Alive!" is a joy to watch. It reminds me to look to the Saints & be inspired! ... I'd like to suggest one very special Saint to be considered for your series. Her name is St. Faustina: The Apostle of Divine Mercy. Jesus revealed to her that the greater the sinner the more right he has to His Mercy and one sin He spoke to her about in particular was the sin of abortion. With abortion being one of the greatest social injustices of our time and with so many of us in need of God's Mercy because of our involvement in the sin of abortion, St. Faustina's message of God's Mercy & Love for sinful man is so needed today."
- Gina Lucas (via

"Well done - the Saints are alive! Thanks be to God!"

- Lisa Kerrigan (via Facebook)

"Your work at Arcadia Films is truly a gift to our souls, which are so often battered and shaken by the culture in which we live. These "visitations" from the saints are a joyful refreshment to our very souls. Thank you for producing and sharing your work."

- Gpacharlie, (via youtube)

"Looooove the show!!! Thank you soooo much for making it!! I am learning soooo much!!!"

- Cindy Rogers, Kansas City, Missouri (via Facebook)

"I just want to say that I've been enjoying your Saints Alive shows on EWTN. It's a new idea that you've done very well. I hope you'll make more episodes."

- Sharon Styk, Albany, NY

"Thank you all so very much for the wonderful series, Saints Alive. The first episode I came across was St. Theresa of Avila and was literally spellbound. I am a third order Carmelite and truly believe that it was God's Grace that made me turn on the TV which I rarely watch. The only channel worth watching is EWTN and your new series is a wonderful addition. I saw the interview with Fr. Mitch and loved hearing your story as to how this came about. Be sure of my prayers for your continued works. God Bless you."

- Valerie Caulfield (via

"Richard and Stephen - Yes Yes Yes!!!! My husband and I just watched - and Joseph said that St. Catherine was his favorite so far! What a gift this program is... and I pray our Blessed Mother watches over you and this worthy effort!"

- Marianne and Joseph Bellucci, New York, NY

"I love the saints, and I have family in heaven. I want to know the saints and love them even more, and practice their example. I like the presentations by the persons who present the saints."

- Sister Marie Rene Azar, St. Augustine, FL

"What a wonderfully inspiring program! Please keep it going, among the best that EWTN has to offer."

- Zack Shaw (via Facebook)

"These productions are splendid opportunities for those who, like myself, are hungry and thirsty for words of our Saintly brothers and sisters to help us, to guide us through the uncertainties of daily life in our present world. Thank you so much. Where might you post any, I do mean ANY, opportunities to work for your outstanding and beautifully Catholic business? St. Augustine is my favorite thus far."

- Martha Sue Pritchard (thru

"I am enjoying Saints Alive! very much and wondering if it will be available on DVD some time in the future."

- Pat Roush (thru

"Dear Richard and Stephen,
Congratulations on the excellent work you've created in Saints Alive! ... The production values - camera work, sound, editing, etc - are excellent, and your actors served you well. It is a great pedagogical tool for the faithful, as well as a very entertaining series of snapshots of some heavy-duty saints. Bravo! ... I hope the series leads to many good things for you and Arcadia Films!

Yours faithfully,
- Kevin Collins, New York, NY

"Bravo on a fabulous idea and a beautiful production! Would it be in bad taste to recommend another subject: one of the great saints and doctors of the Church, Alphonsus Liguori, also the patron saint of moralists, vocations, and arthritis sufferers...

God bless...
- Bruce Crane, The Redemptorist Fathers & Brothers, Denver Province

"Greetings to my most favorite channel.
Thank you soooo much for giving us the program... "SAINTS ALIVE" it is the most wonderful ever ... no words can ever express how I feel about it. Just thinking if we can only talk to our favorite saints... and ask for advice. That is really incredible. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! As soon as my financial status is ok, I will surely donate. Im sooo sorry, that will be next year... hopefully I will still be employed.. by that time. I will try to donate this week... it may not be much... but it comes from my heart and soul. God bless you all!!!! Indeed God loves us soooo much...
Humble servant of Mother Mary,
- Maria (via EWTN)

"I am enjoying the new series on EWTN. Thank you for your ministry!"

- Christine Milam, Indianhead, WI (Saints Alive TV on Facebook)

"Your 'Saints Alive!' programs are outstanding so far! Christians in general, and we Catholics especially, absolutely need to know this wisdom from the great saints.

Thank you and God bless you for your very important work!

- Loren Pecore (email

"I LOVED the show!"

- Susan Tucci, Saint Louis, Missouri (Saints Alive TV on Facebook)

"I so enjoyed your first program last yesterday on ewtn. Fabulous, simply fabulous. Please continue your great work god bless and protect all of you thanks for letting me know more about the saints."

- Anna Marie Oliveiri, Palm Bay, FL

"What a wonderful program your presentation of St. Teresa of Avila is!!!! To hear the 'Truth' spoken so elegantly, yet urgently, lifted my heart and mind to The Lord. I doubt I even blinked more than a few times during the presentation. I was mesmerized!!

Thank you for your wonderful works of your hearts, Saints Alive.

- Robert Clesen

"We want to thank you for the program SAINTS ALIVE. We watched the first two on EWTN, absolutely fabulous! Thank you for your brilliance!"

- Bob and Mary Dalton, Parker, Colorado

"You and the work you are doing is an answered prayer for our youth. Be assured of my prayers for your success in this endeavor. God bless you."

- Shirley J. Schultz

"I am weeping with joy at your marvelous productions of Saints Alive.

Stellar quality, in oh so many ways!

- Martha Trowbridge, Martha Trowbridge Radio, Montpelier VT

"I have waited with high interest for your new series saints alive. Boy was I blown away by the first two shows. My heart was filled with hope for our church in America and it came to my mind. Gods grace has in the past brought us people who inspired our faith and love for him by their art, music, and other mastery's of skill. I know in this time with all we have to live with, god has given you a tool to reach our hearts and teach us to find our way back to him. Thank you so much for this series, I look forward to watching the rest of your saints teach us."

- Leroy Pfeifer, Elmwood Park, IL

"Bravo!! Your "Saints Alive" series is fascinating and inspiring. Thanks for all your hard work and brilliant talent."

- Patricia Voorhis

"'Saints Alive' ... is outstanding. God bless you for your efforts."

- Dennis Stukenborg

"Watched the first episode... great show... and educational!"

- Tom King (Saints Alive TV on Facebook)

"I saw Saints Alive yesterday morning and it was awesome. Very informative. I am looking forward to the other episodes. I hope this program will continue for many seasons. God bless and keep up the good work."

- Michael Avalos SFO, El Paso, Texas (Saints Alive TV on Facebook)

"Oh my gosh, I loved it! Your first episode was great! The interview was understandable for someone my age and totally made sense. I really hope you keep this up. Thank you so much for making Saints Alive! Thank you!"

- Rocio Cosme, Facebook, (Saints Alive TV on Facebook)

"Truly well done, and brilliant. Thank you to Richard and Stephen Payne for such a thoughtful treatment. I'm telling all my friends!"

- Marianne Bellucci, New York, NY (Saints Alive TV on Facebook) -

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! An awesome production ... consider me amongst your prayer warriors ... BRAVO!"

- Flyegirl Rosales, (Saints Alive TV on Facebook)

"This morning I watched your Saints Alive program featuring St. Robert Bellarmine. I do not know how long this program has been on but it is the first that I have seen. It is excellent. It is a wonderful concept, which makes the understanding of specific Saints and of Church history and Doctrine more easily understandable. I believe it, along with your other programs, will also help me to better articulate the reasons for my Catholic faith.

Thank you very much.
- Thomas R. Tisa, Willow Springs, Il (via EWTN)

"That is all I can say... Your new show "Saints Alive" is just FANTASTIC... I love that... Do you know if St Faustina or Padre Pio is being done any time soon ?...

Again thanks soooo much... What a HOMERUN you have this time... WOW !!

(via EWTN)

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